GET EXCITED: Today Is The Big Hedge Fund Holding Reporting Day


Today is one of four annual 13f days, the deadline when hedge funds have to report their long holdings to the SEC.

It’s an exciting day for traders because the SEC filings are made public, and the big moves that hedge fund managers make sometimes move markets, despite the fact that we’re only able to look at a portion of what big hedge funds were holding in their long portfolios as of the last day of the last quarter — three months ago.

In the first quarter, many hedge funds (wisely) dumped holdings in financial stocks. Soros famously dumped gold. And a few managers, like Eric Mindich, John Paulson, and Dan Loeb, bought stock in energy companies.

This quarter we’ll be watching for more dumping financials, dumping of energy stocks, and big moves in tech.

But we’ll also be on the look out for some surprises, and to see the pain evident in John Paulson’s portfolio, who’s reportedly down over 30% this year in one of his largest funds.