Heavy and Takkle: We Hate Each Other


What’s gotten into the folks at Heavy, the lad-mag website, and Takkle, the high school sports site? Yesterday we posted what we thought was an innocuous item about Heavy hiring a new CTO, which prompted a string of nasty comments and accusations. Two of them accuse Takkle of pirating Heavy’s design and stealing its staff. The other says Heavy is poorly run. Today one reader said Heavy encouraged its staff to to complain about Takkle “directly or indirectly through whatever forum you feel appropriate.”

We have no dog in this fight, but we’d like get to the bottom of it. Here’s what we know: In April, Takkle hired former Heavy CTO Frank Speiser, who later poached some of Heavy’s developers. In the last few weeks Heavy has hired three new executives: A new CTO, CFO and CMO. As far as the look and feel of the two sites goes, we’re not experts, but beyond the fact that both showcase videos and both use sans serif fonts, they don’t look that similar to us.  But Heavy, at least, is outraged.

“We’re investigating the Takkle situation and intend to vigorously protect our intellectual property,” says Heavy Co-CEO Simon Assaad, via an emailed statement. Takkle declined comment. Anyone else want to shed light on this?