Heatwaves Are Getting Worse: Report

Beach-heatwave-hotPeople sunbath as they enjoy the warm weather at St Kilda Beach on January 14, 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. Getty/Craig Sillitoe

The Climate Council has released a report saying heatwaves in Australia are getting worse.

The interim findings, reported by the ABC, show they are also more frequent and last longer.

This comes as much of the country swelters in extreme heat, with weather in southern Australia predicted to reach around 46C today.

Changes have occurred mostly in Australia’s south-east and west. Here report co-author Dr Sarah Perkins:

“So particularly areas around Adelaide and Perth that are currently experiencing heatwave conditions.

“They seem to be the hardest hit in terms of the number of heatwaves, they’ve increased, and also the intensity of heat waves as well.”

The Climate Council says climate change is responsible for hotter conditions, and record hot days are expected to increase in the future.

There’s more here.

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