HEATMAPS: What You're Actually Looking At When You Look At Facebook

girl laptopFacebook: What’s she looking at?

Photo: Ed Yourdon / Flickr, CC

A recent study by Facebook ad buyer AdParlor showed that mobile ads on Facebook are much more effective—and much cheaper—than its regular ads. In fact, Facebook now books $500,000 a day in mobile advertising, CEO Mark Zuckerberg told analysts on his Q2 2012 conference call.But EyeTrackShop, a market research company that specialises in producing heatmaps that track your eyeballs as you look at advertising to show what people actually pay attention to when presented with a computer or device screen, has called that into question with a study showing that more people miss ads on Facebook on mobile devices than on the iPad or a device with a larger screen.

The company says, “This study shows why the current business model for Facebok mobile ads does not work.”

The following slides are EyeTrackShop’s evidence.

In any format, most attention on Facebook is concentrated at the top of the page. This makes ads more effective on desktop, and less effective on mobile where the ads may only be found lower in the News Feed.

On the desktop, ads occupy the No. 1 or No. 2 position for viewing order because they're at the top of the page. That's often not so for mobile ads, which may be lower in the feed.

Here's EyeTrackShop's benchmark data.

Finally, the methodology.

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