Thousands of travellers were forced to fly without their luggage after Heathrow baggage system fails

Thousands of travellers leaving Heathrow airport Thursday morning were forced to take-off without some of their luggage.

The airport said via Twitter that an issue with its baggage systems was to blame and that two terminals, which are primarily used by British Airways and American Airlines, were affected. 

The airport was able to get the system back up and running by mid-morning, but by that time 60 planes had already departed the two terminals. 

Some passengers are even reporting via Twitter that they were not told that their plane left without their bags. 

Heathrow did not immediately respond to a request for comment about whether or not passengers were notified about their bags being left behind. 

But the airport did say via Twitter that passengers should contact their airline for more updates about their baggage. 

The airport also issued a statement early Thursday morning when the system was broken advising passengers to pack necessary items on carry-on, however, it’s unclear if all passengers received that message. 

Passengers flying with British Airways were among the most impacted by the Heathrow baggage system failure. The unfortunate incident comes just a few weeks after the airline suffered a major IT system failure, which forced the airline to ground some 75,000 passengers. 

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