Lady Gaga's Producer Thinks This 10-Year-Old Girl Will Be The Next Justin Bieber

Heather Russell is fast becoming a YouTube star and has found herself on a similar path to fame as Justin Bieber. And she’s only 10 years old.

Russell has videos up on YouTube of her singing and playing songs that she wrote herself. She’s already working with Grammy winning music producer Rob Fusari, who was also an executive co-producer of Lady Gaga’s hit album “The Fame.” One video even states that Fusari is producing Russell’s debut album.

Justin Bieber was also discovered on YouTube by a music executive and is currenty being mentored by Grammy winning R&B singer Usher. Bieber and Russell also both hail from Canada. See the similarities?

Watch and be amazed by Heather Russell – the next big star to come out of YouTube:

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