Here's Why LeBron James And The Miami Heat Constantly Berate Mario Chalmers

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If you’ve been watching the NBA Finals closely, you probably noticed that the Miami Heat are constantly yelling at poor Mario Chalmers.Yesterday, ESPN’s Israel Gutierrez spoke to some Heat players and got to the root of the abuse.

Here are the four basic reasons why Chalmers gets ragged on:

He’s inconsistent. Shane Battier, the team’s most cerebral player, said, “He has a tendency to float sometimes, mentally. I think that just frustrates everybody else and they say, ‘Come on. Do you realise how important you are for our team?'”

He thinks he’s better than he is. Wrote Gutierrez: “It basically took the Heat coach three seasons to finally convince Chalmers that he’s not as athletic as James or Wade, so hanging in the air to make a pass doesn’t work nearly as well when he does it.”

He doesn’t listen unless you make him. Some guys internalize criticism differently, and Chalmers has a hard shell, according to LeBron. Here’s how Gutierrez puts it: “Because it feels like you have to scream just to have him listen. Even when he does listen, there’s no guarantee Chalmers is actually accepting the information.”

Every team just has the guy that they rag on, and that’s Chalmers. Heat players make fun of everything about Chalmers, even his shoes. Battier said every team has a designated guy that everyone yells at, and apparently it’s Mario for the Heat.

So don’t expect this to stop any time soon:

Miami Heat LeBron James yells at Mario Chalmers

Photo: SB Nation

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