This Will Help You Stay Cool

Kim Kardashian eating ice cream


In case you haven’t heard, it’s hot outside.REALLY hot.

Fry an egg on the street hot.

While the brutal heatwave is all anyone can talk about, we’re taking a look at some of the most outrageous winter weather news reports to help you cool off.

It feels colder in here already.

A snowpocalypse can paralyze, cripple, and make you FREAK OUT. (

Surprise! Thundersnow. (Weather Channel)

Getting stuck on the road. (KOMO)

Icy streets make your walk to work slippery. And TV news crews will not help you when you fall. (RTÉ news)

Ice age? Yikes! (Fox News)

Kids love to go sledding...right into you. (Weather Channel)

They also enjoy pelting you with snowballs. (Sky News)

The attack begins around the 0:50 mark.

Snowblower drive-by. (WWTV)

Nobody likes falling down a hill. (WKTV)

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