LeBron James Dancing, Sad Paul Pierce And Everything Else You Missed From The Heat-Celtics Game

Dwyane Wade

Photo: ESPN

In the last 10 years, the team that won Game One of a conference finals went on to win the series 15 of 20 times.And last night, it was the Miami Heat that dominated the Boston Celtics for most of the game and took game one of the Eastern Conference Finals.

LeBron James had his typical big numbers. But in the fourth quarter, it was Dwyane Wade that took over.

On the next few pages, we will take a look at the sights of game one and how the Heat jumped out to an early lead.

ESPN did a pre-game story on Kevin Durant, but inexplicably used old pre-back tattoo footage

Nice pants Chris Bosh

The Celtics were hit with some ticky-tack technicals early in the game

It is not easy to play defence like this

The Heat had two points taken away when it was determined the shot clock had expired

Kevin Garnett looked good early

The Celtics went off in the second quarter and the score was tied at the half

In the third quarter, the Celtics defence broke down again

Well, at least the officials were enjoying the game

Garnett's trash-talking didn't seem to bother LeBron

By the end, the Celtics looked like a team that needed some answers

The Heat fans on the other hand, just wanted to get home

It's the NBA, so let's check in on the post-game outfits. This is the same outfit my great-aunt wears on vacation. She's a nun.

But that's not as weird as the tape on Wade's finger matching his tie

Dennis Rodman's life is no longer living in the glory of the postseason

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