The Miami Heat Are Using A Tactic That Will Probably Be Illegal Next Year

Grantland writer Zach Lowe has a great nugget in his article about Game 6 of the NBA Finals — the Heat are using a tactic that will probably be outlawed by the NBA this summer.

Miami is having a ton of problems getting to the basket. So in order to create more space, they’re having Chris Bosh intentionally stand out of bounds on offence.

As Lowe notes, the NBA competition committee wants to ban this tactic. A bunch of teams who struggle to create space on offence — most notably the Denver Nuggets — have done it this year.

The Heat don’t do a ton of it, but they were definitely doing it in Game 6. Here’s a screenshot from the fourth quarter:

chris bosh game 6 out of bounds 4th quarter

It was way less egregious early in the game:

chris bosh out of bounds 1st quarter

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