One Of The Best IPad Games Is Now Available On Android

Hearthstone is one of the best tablet games out right now, and it’s finally available for Android.

Created by Blizzard, the same game studio that made “World of Warcraft,” Hearthstone is a fun and addicting trading card game that’s easy for beginners to get the hang of but complex enough to keep you coming back.

Hearthstone matches pit you against another players online, and the goal is to play cards with minions and spells to be the first one to whittle your opponent’s health from 30 down to 0. The premise is simple, the design is top notch, and gameplay is second to none.

Hearthstone is beginning its Android rollout in Australia, New ┬áZealand, and Canada, but Blizzard says a worldwide rollout is “coming in the days ahead.”

You can download Hearthstone for Android over at the Google Play store, but it’s also available today for Mac and iOS.

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