Brutal Videos Show A Few Desperate Iraqi Yazidis Being Rescued While Thousands Starve

Screen Shot 2014 08 11 at 3.12.06 PMCNNPeople rushing to jump in the helicopter.

Two journalists have reported from the mountain where thousands of ethnic Iraqi Yazidis are at risk of starving as they flee extremist ISIS militants.

CNN senior international correspondent¬†Ivan Watson accompanied an Iraqi Air Force helicopter for “an emergency aid delivery turned rescue mission.”

Right as the helicopter landed on Mt. Sinjar and began unloading supplies, people tried to jump in to be saved About 20 civilians were rescued, but thousands remain as others die around them.

“I’ve been doing this job for more than 10 years – I have never seen a situation as desperate as this, as emotionally charged as this, and I’ve never seen a rescue mission as ad hoc and improvised as this,” Watson said.

Jonathan Rugman of Channel 4 had a similar experience, which you can watch the one-minute report below: 


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