Hearst Unplugs UK e-Mag “Jellyfish”


Why?  In part because of distribution problems: SPAM filters kept trashing it.  PaidContent has more:

The celebrity/fashion title had been sent out via email, but spam filters and corporate firewalls blocked a portion of its distribution, according to the Guardian. First aimed at the teen market, in June Jellyfish was repositioned to focus on 18-25 year-olds after the U.K. edition of CosmoGIRL folded, amid a series of other teen magazine closures in the UK. Jellyfish had been slated for an official launch this September.

Chief exec Duncan Edwards, quoted in MarketingWeek: “The 20-week trial period has been extremely valuable but we could not see a sustainable business model emerging. We have learnt a great deal about digital and email marketing, which will prove to be useful for our core business and specialist digital company Hearst Digital Network.”

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