Hearst Launches Web Mag, Learns from Email Failure

Vowing to learn from its UK Jellyfish whiff–the email mag kept getting caught in SPAM filters–Hearst has jumped right back in the ring, launching a web-based digital magazine aimed at Hispanic teenage girls (talk about market segmentation!). MisQuinceMag.com will celebrate the quinceanera, a traditional coming-of-age party for 15 year old girls that gives parents a convenient excuse to get smashed and warms the hearts of the party industry.  MediaPost has more:


My Dad’s going to be paying the bills for years!   

The site, set to launch on Aug. 29, will feature articles and advice on the various aspects of quinceanera planning and execution. The site will include a blog by Isabella Wall, the “Fairy Godmother of Quinceaneras,” as well as social networking and (PG-rated) online dating functionality courtesy of eCrush.  Quinceaneras, somewhat akin to “Sweet 16” parties in the Anglo mainstream, are often occasions for lavish spending by parents on a variety of goods and services–making them a perfect subject for service mags, comparable to the American wedding industry.

A full-blown quinceanera typically requires special matching dresses for the honoree and her friends or “ladies”; special matching suits for their male escorts and dance partners; weeks of dance lessons for both; catering for over a hundred guests; rental of a ballroom and banquet hall; catering with beer, wine and spirits for adult attendees; a live band or DJ; and a limousine. However, the only real limit is imposed by the parents’ pocketbook. For example, if there are no suitable male dance partners willing to give up several weeks of their free time for ballroom dancing lessons, parents can hire a troupe of trained “chambelanes” or “cadets” to escort the female participants.

Meanwhile, Quince Magazine, a two-year old print slick aimed at the same market, isn’t worried about the new competition: Publisher Will Cain dismisses the Hearst offering as a Quince wannabe.