Hearst Pumps Out 70 iPhone Apps To Bring In The Money

George Kliavkoff 400x300

Hearst’s LMK division is pumping out dozens of cheap iPhone apps to bring in a new revenue stream, the Wall Street Journal reports.Lead by executive vice president of Hearst Entertainment George Kliavkoff, LMK’s five-person team uses a simple template and creates a kind of “aggregator app,” gathering links to news stories, blog posts and other information, WSJ reports.

There are apps for sports team scores for the Red Sox and the Yankees and celebrities including Lady Gaga and Metallica.

They plan to launch even more apps that will bring in real-time sports scores and alert people to news items and games.

Last fall, the division launched their first aggregation sites at LMK.com. The apps are another move from a major publisher struggling to find new revenue streams–albeit a relatively tiny, cheap, and cheap-looking one.

Kliavkoff said Hearst wanted to tap into an app market that encourages paying for content. “Unlike the Web, we’ve always trained people that everything on the mobile device costs money,” told the WSJ.

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