Hearst Buys Real-Age, Health-Info Site

Hearst continues to add to its interactive business.  According to the New York Times (via paidcontent), the company’s magazine division has bought RealAge, a health-information site with 2.1 million monthly users and $20 million of revenue.    Most users are women with an average age is 45, which is close to the the demo of Hearst’s women’s magazines (Good Housekeeping, Cosmopo, Redbook and O). 

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Founded in 1999 by Charlie Silver, an entrepreneur, and Michael F. Roizen, a physician and medical researcher, RealAge refers to a test that weighs 125 factors — as diverse as diet and tobacco use, pet ownership and a spouse’s level of education — to determine someone’s “real age.”

“Beyond cross-promotion and links to the Hearst sites, RealAge will also get new tools that Hearst’s digital group is developing, said John P. Loughlin, an executive vice president of Hearst Magazines. One such tool will be a recipe-finder service — a database of 10,000 recipes that can be searched and sorted by health factors like cholesterol content, fibre and total calories. The recipe feature will be on Hearst sites in October, and on RealAge early next year.