Healthcare Winners: Drugmakers, The AMA, Wal-Mart

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Imagine that. Entrenched players in the healthcare system are due to come out winners following the newly-proposed reforms.

  • Pharma’s going to do well, as this WSJ piece explains: “The final contours of the legislation are far from settled, but the industry, led by a onetime powerful congressman, has notched a string of victories. Legislation expected soon in the powerful Senate Finance Committee will leave out cost-cutting steps as part of an agreement with the industry and the White House, according to Congressional aides, industry lobbyists and others involved in the talks.”
  • The AMA, a combination cartel/union for doctors loves the new plan, and has come out endorsing it:  AP: “…in its strongest action yet signaling support for President Barack Obama’s vow to reform health care, the nation’s largest doctors’ group sent letters to three House committees behind the bill. The letters, signed by AMA’s executive vice president, Dr. Michael Maves, said the AMA appreciates and supports what is being called America’s Affordable Health Choices Act….  Another selling point is the bill’s proposed Medicare reforms, including repeal of what AMA considers a flawed formula that has annually reduced Medicare reimbursements to physicians.” (As we mentioned yesterday, of course the Doctors love this bill, cause it doesn’t do anything to expand demand, and thus reduce pricing power)
  • Wal-Mart (WMT) is getting its wish to see competitors who don’t provide health insurance taxes

We hate to be so cliche, but, uh, change you can believe in? C’mon Obama, the current system sucks! Fixing it and keeping the current players happy will be impossible.

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