Healthcare Is The Hottest Sector For Startup Funding

Healthcare took the largest percentage share of angel funding last year with 33.8 per cent of funding dollars, according to a new report by Silicon Valley Bank. The internet, broadly defined, had the second largest share with 27.2 per cent of funding dollars. However, as a percentage of deals completed, the Internet led with 33.8 per cent followed by healthcare with 24.1 per cent

There are several takeaways from the findings:

  • Many people (including some very influential investors) vew healthcare as a staid industry ripe for disruption;
  • Generally speaking, it costs more money to get a healthcare company off the ground than a web startup;
  • Early stage investors are very bullish: the median angel round was up 40 per cent from 2010.

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Angel Funding By Sector

Photo: Silicon Valley Bank

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