Healthcare Delayed; Gates-Gate Rolls Into Day II

barack obama thumbsup tbi

Two days after Obama’s press conference, and all we’re still reading about is the Henry Louis Gates Jr. arrest stuff.

And the weird part is that rather than just put the issue behind him, and getting back to the big issues at hand, Obama is still talking about it, spending time clarifying and fine-tuning his remarks.

Tyler Cowen thinks the whole thing may be Obama’s first big tactical mistake.

Meanwhile, healthcare looks “doomed” to be delayed until after the August recess (the US Congress is like France when it comes to vacations), though if the plan is so great and big, what’s one month? It’s only a problem if the plan is not so great, and can’t stand a month of scrutiny and lobbying.

Update: Nate Silver thinks the delay is no big deal. And points to him for the clever reference:

To hear the defeatism and paranoia on some liberal blogs this afternoon, the “timeout” that Harry Reid and the Senate called on health care today — they won’t vote on the measure before the August recess — is just about the stupidest thing since Chris Webber, pictured at left, called a phantom timeout in the 1993 finals, costing his team a technical foul and the Michigan Wolverines the national championship.

It isn’t. It is, first of all, inevitable, and second of all, about as likely to do the Democrats some good as some harm, although that may depend on certain exogenous factors that are relatively outside of their control.

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