Healthcare Crunch Time: Here's Why The Next Few Days Are Going To Be Crazy

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Photo: US Navy

Where do we stand on healthcare reform?It’s still a coinflip.

POLITICO has attained a memo sent to Representatives from Rep. Christopher Van Hollen which lays out the madness that will be the next few days.

Here’s a few points:

  • The latest CBO budget scoring — a requisite for any vote — could come any day. Probably no later than Monday.
  • The bill will go to the rules committee
  • A 72-hour clock will start.
  • Vote will happen as soon as Friday, possibly Saturday.

This is also pretty interesting, directly from memo:

Finally, I encourage you to study the final attached slide (#14) and give some thought to what your plan is post-vote, especially during Easter Work Period. If your Member is a yes, or might be a yes, I would lay the groundwork for some events to highlight the reforms that will quickly become law – no more doughnut hole, dependent children covered until 26, insurance access for those with pre-existing conditions, etc.

In other words: we’re gonna pass this thing, and then Democrats must IMMEDIATELY begin explaining their vote, and digging out from their hole.

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