Health Minister Peter Dutton Could Comprise On The Government's $7 GP Fee

MP Peter Dutton. Photo: Stefan Postles/ Getty

Federal Health Minister Peter Dutton could be considering a compromise on the $7 GP fee following talk with The Australian Medical Association.

The AMA asked the government to abandon its plan to reduce the medicare rebate and make amendments to protect the elderly and chronically ill.

“It will be some time I think before we can arrive at a deal but I think a deal can be done and I think that is because people want to see Medicare strengthened,” Dutton said. “I honestly believe this is in the best interests of our health system.”

The Opposition’s spokeswoman for health, Catherine King, saw this as a sign of wavering.

“…it’s now clear the Government is planning to back down,” she said. “But amending the GP Tax is not enough. It must be scrapped completely.”

The GP tax isn’t expected to pass through Senate with Labor, the Palmer United party and the Greens firmly against any Medicare co-payment.

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