This Terrifying Statistic Will Stop You From Wearing Headphones While Walking To Work

iPod Earbud Guy

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Ever since the iPod and earbuds have become indispensable school or commuting accessories, warnings of hearing loss have been prevalent from doctors, parents, and caretakers alike.But maybe they should focus on a more immediate danger.

According to Chris Woodyard at USA Today, serious injuries have increased 300% in the last six years for pedestrians wearing headphones.

Even more worrying, 70% of the people in these instances were killed.

Nearly 70% of those that died in the accidents were under the age of 30. Surprisingly, almost half of the vehicles involved in the accidents were trains and not cars.

The rapid increase in these accidents directly correlates to the rapid growth of the MP3 player market.

The loud volume of the headphones blocking engine and horn noise coupled with the distraction of the music seems to be a fatal recipe. It just might be time to turn down the volume when on the move.

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