Headline From The South: Is Wall Street A Cocaine Factory?

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So is this headline indicative of what the American south thinks of Wall Street?

In the past at Bank of America, the Yankees and Southerners had their differences when picking a new CEO.

And now an article from the Jackson (TN) Sun asks, Is Wall Street A Cocaine Factory?

Sadly there’s no new mention of actual cocaine abuse on Wall Street in the piece.

Apparently they’re already high on a “cocaine” that is already up all of Wall Street’s noses. Because according to an unnamed hedge fund manager, making money is like actually snorting cocaine.

From the Jackson Sun:

Researchers have discovered that making money, such as is done by investors, stimulates the same part of the brain that using cocaine stimulates. The more you have, the more you want until it kills you, or you learn to control it. The hedge-fund manager points out that many big investors get into trouble because of “cocaine brain.”

[On Wall Street,] they don’t build cars or computers or produce anything else, they just focus on making money. Clearly, they are prime targets for “cocaine brain.”

The finding apparently comes form Atul Gawande’s book, “The Checklist Manifesto: How to get Things Right.”

The conclusion: “Despite being smart, [those on Wall Street] lost their ability to make sound judgments, just like cocaine users.”

Here’s a real tale of cocaine and banking –>

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