Head Of NJ Teachers' Union Makes $550,000 A Year--2X As Much As The Governor And 10X The Average American

Vince GiordanoNJEA head Vince Giordano

As Governor Chris Christie goes to war with the NJ teachers union, let’s review what he’s up against.NJEA director Vince Giordano received $421,615 in salary and $128,508 in deferred compensation last year, according to tax filings released last spring.

NJEA president Barbara Keshishian earned $256,450 last year. VP Wendell Steinhauer and Secretary-Treasurer Marie Blistan were paid $170,974 each.

Meanwhile, the governor earned a measly $175,000.

Christie’s war with the union escalated earlier this summer when a union official suggested praying for the governor’s death. Last week, Christie lambasted a teacher at a public forum.

For more examples of public sector excess, meet the 8,074 New York transit workers who earn over $100,000 –>

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