Head Of Agency That Represents College Coaches Gambled On Sports

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Ted Forstmann, chairman of sports and entertainment agency IMG Worldwide, was allegedly betting more than $600,000 on college football and men’s college basketball while his agency listed many top college coaches as clients, according to the New York Times.The allegations come the same lawsuit that claimed Forstmann used inside information to bet on tennis matches involving IMG clients.

Forstmann has admitted to some gambling, but denies being involved with the representation of college coaches, despite IMG’s growing presence in college athletics.

A spokesperson told us in October, that Forstmann is not an agent and does not directly represent clients. However, IMG does own a collegiate licensing firm and marketing firm and represents about 200 college properties.

The problem from the NCAA’s perspective has to be the possibility that Forstmann or anyone at his company could have an effect on the fairness of games. As The Times points out, in 2008, the organisation conducted a study on wagering among college athletes and found that more than 1 per cent of Division I basketball and football players were asked to influence the outcome of the game.

Nearly 4 per cent of Division I basketball and football players were asked for inside information, and about 25 per cent of those athletes provided that information.

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