Head Hunter Says Sorry After Slagging Off Wendy Harmer

Chamberlain Executive managing partner Joe Waddington has said sorry to Wendy Harmer, after posting on Twitter that the comedian was ugly and should consider plastic surgery, reported News.com.au.

He used his Twitter account, which News.com.au said linked directly to the high-level executive search agency’s website, to write Harmer off, calling her “F***cking ugly,” but later deleted the tweets and has since posted an apology.

Waddington told News.com.au that he made the remarks after he threw back a few drinks at BBQ with some mates, saying: “To be perfectly honest with you, I was a bit drunk.”

He had apologised unreservedly since, posting: “@wendy_harmer I am thoroughly ashamed for the crass comments I made. It would perfectly understandable if you ignored any apology.”

Kristen Shorten has the full story here.

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