He Shall From Time To Time.... State Of The Union By Numbers

Obama State of the Union 2011

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Tonight Obama will give the State of the Union and I (or rather my infinitely wiser webmaster) thought it would be appropriate to share some interesting figures about the annual address.1790: When the first State of the Union was given by George Washington (shocking, I know) on January 8th.

1,089: Number of words in the shortest (word wise) State of the Union, also was the first State of the Union.

2: Number of presidents (William Henry Harrison and James Garfield) who died before giving an address.

1923: When the first speech was given via radio (given by Calvin Coolidge).

1947: When the first speech was given via television (given by Harry Truman).

1965: First speech to be given in the evening (given by Lyndon B. Johnson).

1997: When the first speech was broadcast live on the internet (given by Bill Clinton).

2007: When the first speech was broadcast live on the House website (given by George W. Bush).

10: Number of years it took the technical department of the House to figure out how to stream a video.

II.3: Article and Section of the Constitution which gives the parameters of the State of the Union as “He shall from time to time give to Congress information of the State of the Union and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.

1: Number of times the State of the Union has been postponed (by Ronald Regan in 1986 after the Challenger crash).

448: Number of permanent seats in the House Chamber.

88: Length in minutes of the longest speech in terms of length of time (given by Bill Clinton in 2000).

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