HD AmeriTV: "This Is A Real Company"

Our gut reaction to something called HD AmeriTV’s announcement that it raised $45 million for “the world’s first broadcast-quality Internet television service”: It’s a fake.

The folks at PaidContent seem to have thought the same thing, but lobbed a call into First Mutual Credit, the company’s purported lead investor, just to make sure. And while waiting for a call back, PC’s Joseph Weisenthal says, he realised that HD AmeriTV’s press release doesn’t just sound dumb — it’s a carbon copy of Joost’s funding announcement from May.

So it doesn’t really matter whether this is an actual fake or just an inept company announcing a non-existent deal for a non-existent product. Same net result (except for any real investors). Still, we were intrigued enough to make our own phone call to First Mutual Credit, and were eventually patched through to president Jay Leisenberg, who¬† was difficult to understand, but said he had to go into a meeting — perhaps the same one that FMC CEO Stan Rosiak was headed to when alarm:clock reached him earlier today.

Mr. Leisenberg asked us to email our questions to him, and we have. We did manage to run one query by him before he left, though, a polite version of wtf? Mr Leisenberg sounded a bit taken aback, but assured us that “This is a real company, and it is a real press release” and that he’d get back to us soon.

Update: We heard back from Mr. Leisenberg — who leaves us even more confused then we were before.

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