HD AmeriTV Mystery SOLVED -- We Think

We think we know who promoted “HD AmeriTV” yesterday using a phony press release — the same scamsters who also promoted nearly identical fund-raising announcements for pretend companies HRF Chemicals and MHNZ Biosciences via phony press releases on Nov. 2. All three releases were sent via PR Leap, a California-based outfit that distributes free and paid press releases, and all three cite poor First Mutual Credit as investors.

Someone has latched on to the idea of using First Mutual — a real bank, apparently, with a functioning website — as a way of polishing up pretend press releases. This seems to have been going on for a while. In March, a Swiss banking agency censured a Shaun Gregory Morgan for falsely connecting himself to First Mutual (he shares a name, but nothing else, with former First Mutual CEO Shaun Edward Morgan).

We can’t exactly see the angle here, but perhaps we’re just not devious enough. We do know this is causing the good people at First Mutual a real headache. One bit of bright news we can offer them: We’ve asked PR Leap about the bogus press releases, and they say they’re looking into them and in the meantime have taken them down.

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