HD AmeriTV Mystery -- We Give Up

The case of the mysterious HD AmeriTV press release continues to confound us. We thought we’d solved it earlier today: Bad people were ensnaring poor First Mutual Credit by including their legitimate business in press releases promoting phony companies.

Now comes Merrick Lozano of PR Leap, whose firm distributed the faux press releases (he’s since taken them down). He’ll know who paid for these dubious ads, right? Sort of. Merrick says the ads ($60 per) were paid for via a PayPal account linked to… FirstMutualCredit.com.

So maybe FirstMutualCredit.com is a scam site and FirstMutualCredit.net is the legit one? Maybe. Merrick also notes that whois records for FirstMutalCredit.com and FirstMutualCredit.net indicate that both URLs were registered on the same date. And our correspondent from First Mutual, Mr. Jay Leisenberg? His email also used a FirstMutualCredit.com address as well.

All of this makes us dizzy. The rest of you, however, just seem uninterested. So in acknowledgment of our befuddlement, and your apathy, we’re formally closing the file on this one, and climbing out of the rabbit hole for good.

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