A character who died last season on 'Game of Thrones' is still alive in George R.R. Martin's next book, but it's not Jon Snow

Stannis is alive hbo game of thronesHBOStephen Dillane, who played Stannis on ‘Game of Thrones.’

George R.R. Martin has “Game of Thrones” fans buzzing about a character that may not actually be dead. And, sorry, it’s not Jon Snow.

During an online Q&A on Martin’s Live Journal, a fan asked if Stannis Baratheon (played by Stephen Dillane, whose son, Frank Dillane, currently stars on AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead”) is alive.

Stannis, as fans will recall, is the younger brother of Robert Barathenon (Mark Addy) the late king. He decides that he should be the heir to the Iron Throne when he discovers that Joffrey is the result of an incestuous relationship between his mother and her brother and launches the War of the Five Kings.

Brienne kills Stannis Official HBO 2HBOBrienne killed Stannis on the Season 5 finale of ‘Game of Thrones.’

On the season finale, Stannis found himself on the wrong side of Brienne of Tarth’s (
Gwendoline Christie
) sword. Of course, we only saw her swing her sword down on him… no dead body.

OK, so, Martin was asked if Stannis is still alive. His answer: “In my books? Alive, beyond a doubt.”

So, it remains to be seen if the show’s producers will follow Martin in the decision to bring Stannis back or continue on their own way. It would probably have ramifications for the war over the Iron Throne.

And as E!Online pointed out, it shines a new light on Snow’s (Kit Harrington) death, because his decision to take the Night Watch to Winterfell was made after he found out about Stannis’ death. It was that decision that incited his men to rebel and kill him.

Perhaps, we’ll find out if Stannis’ fate follows the books when the show returns in Spring 2016.

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