The first teaser for Amy Schumer's raunchy HBO special was just released and it's amazing

Amy schumer hbo special teaserHBOChris Rock directs Amy Schumer’s upcoming HBO special.

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard about Amy Schumer’s HBO special, but that has been rectified. The cable network has posted the first teaser from the show.

So many people were wondering, even Schumer had to joke, “Oh, when’s her hour special on HBO?”

On the heels of “Trainwreck’s” success and Schumer’s Emmy nomination for Comedy Central’s “Inside Amy Schumer,” the comedienne hits the stage at the famous Apollo Theatre in New York City for the special.

And with the legendary Chris Rock directing, there’s no one to stop Schumer from discussing everything from her private parts to her sex life or drug and alcohol use.

“I was having a little wine, weed, and ambien,” she joked on the special. “Or as I like to call it, tucking myself in.”

Watch the teaser below:

 The special airs Saturday, October 17 at 10 p.m.

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