Facebook had a funny response to this amazing fake commercial in HBO's 'Silicon Valley'

On the most recent episode of Silicon Valley, our heroes at the fictional startup Pied Piper get their own TV commercial, boldly and nonsensically declaring that “Sharing is Tables:”

It’s a pitch-perfect parody of strange Silicon Valley TV ads, especially a creepy Airbnb commercial from the summer of 2015 that invites you to “sleep in their beds, so you may know their dreams:”

Even Facebook appreciated the joke.

When the official “Silicon Valley” Facebook page posted the “Sharing is Tables” ad, a verified account belonging to Facebook itself decided to chime in with a comment, saying that Pied Piper is actually more like a chandelier. 

“It can shine bright one moment and dimly the next. It’s both stunning and fragile. Two people close to it may disagree on the design. And when you flip the switch you’re pretty sure it will work. But for a moment you’re not sure. Sort of like that,” wrote the Facebook account.

(That’s a reference to a storyline this season where Pied Piper found themselves caught between building a product for consumers or business customers.)

The production crew of HBO’s “Silicon Valley” is tight with the real Silicon Valley  — everyone from Zynga founder Mark Pincus to investor and Facebook board member Marc Andreessen have consulted on the show. Google even let “Silicon Valley” post fake news to search results.

So, if nothing else, the show has proven that at least some people in the real Silicon Valley can laugh at themselves.

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