GE's Ronald Reagan Lovefest Neglects To Mention They Fired Him For Being Too Political

Reagan still from HBO doc

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

Chances are that over the past couple days, you’ve taken a moment to remember Ronald Reagan — even if you didn’t want to.Tributes to the late president have been everywhere. Yet, few have been as jubilant as GE’s Reagan tribute, which outlines the scholarship the company is co-launching in Reagan’s name and has plenty of glowy old clips of the Gipper as GE shill.

But tonight’s HBO documentary “Reagan” (premiering at 9 p.m.) highlights the reality GE’s Internet lovefest downplays: the late president and the corporate giant had a rocky relationship.

The film points out that when Reagan traveled around the country talking to GE’s plant workers, his spokesperson contract technically limited him to fawning over GE products and sharing bits of Hollywood gossip. And yet, he used the visits to share his political philosophies and hone future stump speeches.

So GE fired him.

And if you’re wondering whether there’s any love lost between the company and the Reagan clan all these years later, check out this blistering essay by his son, Michael, skewering their current leadership.

Unless your name is Jack Donaghy — then stay far away from that link, because it will break your heart. Just pour a drink and keep watching that old Reagan-GE commercial where Nancy cheerfully calls her appliances “my electric servants.” And enjoy this trailer for the HBO film.


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