HBO is so much better than I realised -- and it could blow up thanks to the new streaming service

I used to watch “Game of Thrones” on those low-quality, spammy hosting sites but gave up around season 3. I’ve been watching “Bored To Death” and “Rome” on Amazon Prime, while my girlfriend watched “True Blood.” While I enjoyed those shows, however, I never considered paying for HBO — until now.

The debut of HBO Now on Apple TV (coming soon to other devices) offers online access to all HBO content for $US15 a month, making it easier than ever to access without paying for cable. What’s more, the first month is free.

After signing up for a trial, I’ve been so impressed that I might even pay, joining around 30 million traditional HBO subscribers in the US.

Some highlights:

There are tons of good movies on HBO Now. These include many hits that aren’t on Netflix, such as: “Batman Begins,” “Divergent,” “Edge of Tomorrow,” “The Grand Hotel Budapest,” “Gravity,” “The Great Gatsby,” “The Lego Movie,” “X-Men: Days Of Future Past,” and “The Wolverine” — and those are just the recent ones.

Netflix may have more movies, but HBO Now has more than I want to watch right now.

Hbo now movies

“Silicon Valley” is amazing. I finally started watching HBO’s hilarious satire of tech culture, and I like it so much.

Created by Mike Judge (“Office Space”), its about an awkward coder who stumbles on a valuable app, gets caught in a bidding war between two billionaires, and enlists the other losers in his Palo Alto incubator home to join his company.

The show is absurdly entertaining and insightful, with pause-the-computer funny moments like when a meeting held via “telehuman” holographic projection goes off the rails.

And that famous

Burger King scene, where a hyper-awkward venture capitalist orders everything BK makes and comes away with a brilliant investment, one of many excellent moments starring the late actor Christopher Evan Welch.

Did I mention “Game Of Thrones”? I’ve been whistling the “Game of Thrones” theme song all week after devouring season 4.

Everyone knows this show is good, but it’s that much better when you can watching it in high quality, as opposed to whatever crappy stream I used in the past (not to mention the good feeling you get when accessing content legally). And now that the show is moving ahead of the books, many of us loyal readers will feel compelled to keep up with the show.

I can only assume a lot of HBO series are excellent. I look forward to trying “Veep” next, and then there’s John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight,” “True Detective,” “The Jinx,” “Going Clear,” and many other shows and documentaries that people seem to love, with exciting new series in the pipe and many famous original series dating back to the nineties.

While Netflix and Amazon Prime have their own good original content, HBO is the clear frontrunner here.

Put it all together, HBO is a strong contender for the best streaming service out there.

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