HBO Creates A New Show About Feisty Blogger Nikki Finke?

nikkifinke tbi

HBO is creating a 30-minute comedy series that will delve into the world of a “powerful female online showbiz journalist with a no-holds-barred style,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Um, Nikke Finki, anyone?

The show could be based on “the reigning queen of Hollywood news,” who has made her an industry must-read. They will also find inspiration from Sharon Waxman of, among other media mavens.

Oscar-winner Bill Condon and Tell Me You Love Me creator Cynthia Mort will write and executive-produce the series, entitled Tilda.

During Time Warner’s earnings call, CEO Jeff Bewkes emphasised that HBO would push original programming this year. They are debuting several original scripted shows in an effort to boost subscriptions.

If they are particularly inspired by Finke, who should play her? Laura Linney, who starred in John Adams, looks like her but might be too sweet. What about a feisty Sarah Michelle Gellar? You decide.

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