HBO's Answer To Hulu Preps For Big Debut


HBO Go is about to break out of beta.

HBO’s streaming video service, which offers movies and series from The Wire to Big Love online, currently works for Comcast and Verizon FiOS subscribers, according to the New York Times. But a big HBO Go press announcement is coming tomorrow, which might mean more viewers will be able to access the site.

But wait! Only paying HBO subscribers will be able to access the videos.

Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes unveiled an early version of the site in April, at the 2009 Cable Show. The company has been tweaking the service ever since.

Time Warner’s Bewkes has been focusing on the HBO brand, with the launch of a new marketing scheme and renewals of original, scripted programming including True Blood, Hung and Big Love.

Bewkes said on an earnings call on Feb. 3 that adding costly original content will allow HBO to charge higher prices to cable companies and subscribers.

He said HBO Go will have three times the content of what’s already on HBO On Demand. 

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