Twitter lovingly nicknamed two men 'Hawaiian shirt guy' and '2x4 guy' after they heroically tackled a suspected arsonist who set 13 cars on fire

spincrisis/Reddit‘Hawaiian shirt guy’ in action.
  • A video posted by Reddit user spincrisis appears to show a man setting fire to cars on a street in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  • The suspected arsonist then ran across the street into a Starbucks, where he was tackled by a man in a Hawaiian shirt and a man holding a plank of wood in a citizen’s arrest.
  • People on Twitter affectionately nicknamed the two men “Hawaiian shirt guy” and “2×4 guy” and are calling them heroes.
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Two men are being hailed as heroes after tackling a suspected arsonist who appeared to set cars on fire in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Video posted to Reddit by user spincrisis shows a man in a black hoodie holding a canister of gasoline, pouring it on the hood of a passing car, and setting it ablaze.

According to CTV News, the suspected arsonist set fire to 13 cars, most of them parked but some occupied by drivers.

The man is then shown throwing the canister of gasoline up into the air and gesturing at pedestrians before taking off running. Two men, one in a Hawaiian shirt and one holding a plank of wood, chased him into a Starbucks and tackled him to the ground in a citizen’s arrest. They subsequently became known as “Hawaiian shirt guy” and “2×4 guy.”

“2×4 guy” has been identified as Jeff Halaby. He told the Edmonton Sun that “Hawaiian shirt guy” had the situation under control. “Hawaiian shirt guy” has not been publicly identified.

“The Hawaiian shirt guy did not need my help,” he said. “Once Hawaiian shirt guy had him on the ground, he wasn’t going anywhere.”

People on Twitter celebrated the two men’s heroic efforts.

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