Hawaiian Airlines Will Lend You An IPad Mini For $US15 Per Flight

Economy passengers on some Hawaiian Airlines flights will have access to their own iPad mini starting this weekend, if they’re willing to cough up some cash.

The airline has purchased 1,500 of the tablets, and will offer them on 14 routes between Hawaii and the US mainland, Asia, and South Pacific, on its Boeing 767 aircraft.

The iPads will replace the planes’s portable entertainment systems, the airline announced this week.

Business class travellers will get the service for free. For those flying in economy, access to the tablet will cost $US15 if reserved at the departure gate, and $US17 if purchased in-flight.

The Apple products will almost certainly be a step up over the digEplayers Hawaiian currently offers, for the same price.

Hawaiian is not the first carrier to bring tablets on board. American Airlines pilots have exchanged paper manuals for iPads, and Australia’s Qantas offers the Apple tablets on its own 767s, according to CNN Money.

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