Paniolo Trophy Still MIA As Hawaii And Wyoming Renew Rivalry In Mountain West Conference

Hawaii and Wyoming are reuniting in the Mountain West Conference come 2012 – a rivalry that didn’t garner much interest outside of Laramie or Honolulu. With the resurrection of this rivalry, there is one small problem, the rivalry trophy has gone missing.

Wyoming missing trophy

The Paniolo Trophy, a tradition dating back to 1979, was last won and seen at Wyoming. However, the trophy has gone missing. It is clear the Cowboys’ staff didn’t think too highly of the trophy as representatives admittedly stated they have no idea of its whereabouts.

Wyoming won the Paniolo back in the late 90′s-not too long ago. Athletic director Kevin McKinney believes it may have been broken, sent to a repair shop, and then who knows.

Fortunately, just like the series, this trophy didn’t carry much historical value or lore as some of the other big game rivalry trophies, but it does say something about the program and it’s notion of tradition and pageantry for a trophy that they never had.

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