Having one of these names may give you a better chance of scoring a date

Crazy, Stupid, Love. Photo: IMDb.

Online dating site Elite Singles has surveyed 22,000 singles to find out the names of Australia’s most eligible men and women.

The study, which was based on user self-assessment, revealed the top five names across three dimensions: attractiveness, intelligence and sense of humour.

When it comes being the smartest, men named Charles, Eric, Henry and Martin came out on top, while for women it was Deborah, Jacqueline, Marina, Yvonne and Maureen.

Men named Jonathan, Charles, Alex and Nicholas and Billy ranked as the sexiest singles, and Victoria, Elena, Olivia, Stephanie and Bella were the sexiest female names.

However, because the data was derived from users answering the question: “How well does this statement apply to you?,” it could be interpreted that Australia’s most eligible singles are also those with the highest opinions of themselves.

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