Have A Guinness At These Three New York City Bars This St. Patty's Day


Photo: Barnacles Budget Accomodation via Flickr

Nothing spells St. Patrick’s Day like a good glass of frothy Guinness, but where should you get a glass of Guinness with so many bars in New York City? Fear not! Here are three great places to indulge in a Guinness.Flannery’s Bar: This is an Irish pub in every sense of the word, Irish folk behind the bar, prices are affordable and you get your buy-backs. It’s located on 205 West 14th Street (closer to 7th Avenue). Sometimes they have free food as well. You can find a good crowd, people won’t bother you at all. The Guinness taste fresh and will certainly have you looking forward to that free buy-back of a Guinness.

Bulls Head Tavern: This fine establishment is located 295 3rd Avenue (close to 23rd street). It’s not an Irish pub but it’s draft beers are delicious and the Guinness is great. You get a fine head with every pour. It’s happy hour is also great, from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m everyday. The crowd is young and beautiful as well.

Blaggards: This old school bar not only has great Guinness but also has delicious food. It’s got a tasty burger soaked in hot sauce that will only complement the Guinness. It’s located on 35th Street between 7th and 8th Avenue (closer to 7th Ave.).

If you visit one of these places on St. Patrick’s Day you’re sure to have a good time.

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