The 8 spookiest sites to see on Google Street View

Screen Shot 2015 10 28 at 6.26.51 PMGoogle Street ViewExplore Poland’s Horror Museum from the comfort of your laptop.

It’s fun to tour spooky places in real life, but not always possible if you can’t travel.

Luckily, Google Street View has a collection of super-creepy places from all over the world, and you can tour them from the comfort of your computer.

Google provided us with the coordinates and the info. Keep reading to see the eight creepiest places on Street View.

Romania's Bran Castle is thought to be the inspiration behind the home of Bram Stoker's Dracula since it fits the description of the castle described in the book.

Mexico's Isla de las Muñecas Xochimilco is home to hundreds of decaying dolls, which were hung in memory of the tragic death of a young girl in Mexico.

California's Bodie State Historic Park is a deserted ghost town from the gold rush era.

The 13th Gate Haunted House in New Orleans

Colorado's Stanley Hotel is where Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining' was filmed.

Poland's Horror Museum in Wojnowice Palace has to be the scariest-looking place in the world.

The James Bond movie 'Skyfall' was shot at Gunkanjima, Japan, a deserted industrial area.

This Malaysian apartment complex looks normal, but people have heard voices and seen apparitions there.

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