Hate Vista? Dell Now Charging $150 Extra for Windows XP (MSFT)


We know that many consumers just don’t like Windows Vista. But just how much more will people pay for a copy of the now nominally off-the-market Windows XP?


More and more. In June, Dell (DELL) started charging customers an extra $20 to $50 for a downgrade to Windows XP. By October, Dell’s XP premium was up to $100. We checked in on Dell’s site today, and the retailer is now charging a whopping $150 for what Microsoft (MSFT) says is outdated software.

Dell has been searching for profit anywhere it can get it. Likely the computer retailer will try to figure out the maximum amount people are willing to pay for XP.

So where’s the ceiling? Will people pay $200 to avoid Vista? $250?

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