Olympic boxer arrested in Rio for an alleged sexual assault in Olympic village

Moroccan Olympic boxer Hassan Saada was arrested Friday on allegations of sexual assault against two Brazilian housekeepers in the Olympic village, the Associated Press reported.

Police said that the alleged assault occurred Wednesday night.

“They were cleaning the room right across his, and he assaulted them. He groped the breast of one of them and touched the other woman’s thigh. They were able to get out,” chief investigator Caroline Salomao said Friday, according to the AP.

Saada will reportedly be held for 15 days as the investigation continues. Under Brazilian law, he may be held for a longer period.

The 22-year-old Saada was set to fight Turkey’s Mehmet Nadir Una on Saturday in the light heavyweight competition.

“We understand that the situation is being dealt with by the local Brazilian authorities and have complete confidence that they will handle the matter appropriately,” International Boxing Association spokesman Nicolas Jomard told the AP in a statement.

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