Calm down: rumours about McDonald' s hash browns aren't true

People are lashing out at McDonald’s on social media for not offering hash browns as part of its new all-day breakfast menu. 

But they are misinformed. 

Hash browns will be available at 90% of McDonald’s restaurants as part of the all-day breakfast menu, which launched Tuesday, McDonald’s spokeswoman Lisa McComb told Business Insider. 

So the vast majority of McDonald’s customers will be able to order hash browns at any time of the day going forward, despite rumours to the contrary that are spreading on social media. 

For the all-day menu, McDonald’s restaurants will serve either McMuffin or biscuit sandwiches — not both — depending on local preferences, according to the company.

The restaurants serving McMuffin sandwiches will serve only three kinds: egg, sausage with egg, and sausage.