Hasbro Downgraded After Disappointing ‘Battleship’ And Crappy Marvel Toy Sales

wolverine action figure

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Hasbro’s big summer isn’t living up to expectations, according to Citi’s Gregory R Badishkanian who downgraded the stock to a “sell.”The latest boardgame move, Battleship, was a “disappointment,” despite $300 million in sales over a $209 million budget.

Marvel action figures are also missing expectations and losing out to Mattel’s DC action figures:

while we’ve seen favourable box office results from Avengers, we think this property will only generate $150-$200mm in toy sales for the year (vs recent street ests of $300-$500mm). Spiderman toys are getting traction (ahead of 7/3 release), but are likely to be quickly dampened when Batman is released on 7/20. We’d expect Spiderman toy sales to be around $200- $250mm.

Meanwhile Hasbro looks weak in the game and girl markets; Nerf and other toy sales are flat; and no one is buying toys in debt-ravaged Europe.

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