Apple's App Store Is Screwing Up For A Lot Of People

steve jobs app store

Photo: via Limitless Droid

We had trouble with the App Store the other day and it turns out we weren’t alone.This thread in Apple’s support forums is full of people complaining that they can’t download apps since updating to the newest version of iOS, version 5.1.

The complaints say after choosing to update or buy a new app, the app would get stuck on a “Waiting…” notification and not download.

If you’re having similar problems, try these tricks to see if they help before attempting to re-purchase your apps. Users on Apple’s forum have indicated that they work:

  • Sign out of your iTunes account and sign back in.
  • Delete any pending podcast downloads.
  • Try a hard reset of your iOS device. Hold the home button and power button at the same time until your device reboots.
  • Alternatively (though much less desirably), just wait. Sometimes the problem goes away on its own after a few minutes.

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