Has A CNBC Money Honey Enhanced Her Image?


Could one of our favourite money money honeys have gone under the plastic surgeons knife? This morning the New York Post’s Page Six asks: “WHICH morning cable TV show hostess took off a week recently to get her eyes done and her breasts enlarged?”

We watch a lot of morning cable television, so we’re wondering if this could be one of our favourite hostesses? We’re guessing it’s not someone on Fox’s Money For Breakfast, since News Corp operating policy is pretty much “don’t take shots at Rupe’s Troops.” And probably not anyone on Bloomberg because, let’s face it, Page Six probably doesn’t even know Bloomberg has a cable network. That leaves CNBC.

So have any of the ladies of CNBC been missing in action lately? Who is the most likely candidate for enhancement?

Or, we guess, some show that has nothing to do with Wall Street. We’ve heard those exist, although we’ve never seen evidence of it.