Harvey Weinstein's name will reportedly be taken off movie and TV projects

Harvey Weinstein Andreas Rentz Getty finalAndreas Rentz/GettyHarvey Weinstein.

Life after Harvey Weinstein has begun at The Weinstein Company.

The producer, who launched TWC with his brother Bob in 2005, after they Miramax, has had the biggest names in Hollywood attached to his projects.

But following a story in the New York Times last week, which surfaced decades of sexual harassment allegations from the likes of Ashley Judd, his name is suddenly disappearing from upcoming projects.

Deadline reports that The Weinstein Company is currently taking Weinstein’s name off any TV series he has an executive producer credit on, and is planning to wipe his name from upcoming movie releases.

Project Runway LifetimeLifetime‘Project Runway’ will be the first show to drop Harvey Weinstein’s name from its credits.

This followed a flood of calls The Weinstein Company received from TV executives who wanted to distance their shows from the controversy.

The purge will begin Wednesday with Lifetime’s “Project Runway,” the first Weinstein Company-produced show to air after the sexual harassment allegations, according to Deadline. Shows “Six” on the History Channel and “Scream” on MTV will also take off the credit.

It’s unclear which movie titles will take out Weinstein’s name, but seeing the influence his name had on the movies he backed, which often led to Oscar nominations and wins, it’s a good guess all Weinstein Company movies will take out his name.

The Weinstein Company board fired Weinstein on Sunday. According to Deadline, the company will soon be meeting with ad agencies to discuss a company name change.

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